About Us


SILDAP-SE Inc. envisions a society where the indigenous peoples enjoy the abundance and bounty of their ancestral domains; stand proud, with dignity in their rich culture and traditions; live in peace and harmony with nature and people; partiicipate in decision-making process affecting their lives; and determine and manage their future as self-governing communities in the context of national sovereignty.


SILDAP-SE Inc. believes that the indigenous peoples have rich cultures, traditions and knowledge.  However, this is hampered mainly by the non-recognition by the government of their ancestral domains that has led to their marginalization.  But this situation can be changed, and this can be made possible primarily through their own efforts given the proper opportunity and support from various sectors of society.

In this context, SILDAP assumes the role of a lead agency that provides opportunities for and facilitates the process of increasing the capacity of the lumads in identifying and articulating their own development agenda an in evolving appropriate measures leading to the recognition of their ancestral domains and self-rule.


1. To empower the lumads in their struggle to assert their rights to their ancestral domains and self-determination.

2. To uplift the political, economic, social and cultural well-being of the lumads.

3. To nurture and promote the lumads’ rich cultures, traditions and knowledge.

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